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Resort 2 Anything DVD (10361D)
  • Resort 2 Anything DVD (10361D)
  • Resort 2 Anything DVD (10361D)

Resort 2 Anything DVD


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Resort to Anything! The Monster Bang series, from Raging Stallion Studios, is the brainchild of associate Michael Brandon. It's a tribute to glorifying the great big dick, the pornographic equivalent of a Ziegfeld girlie show or something. Michael Brandon himself, along with Matt Sizemore, have two of the biggest damn cocks that exist in Pornland, and they get show them off big time here. Their bottoms, Dylan Reece, Michael Vista and Sky Donovan, are all welcome to the idea of being gagged and pummeled by these ... well ... these monsters, so the no-frills simple video comes off as just what it intended, almost effortlessly, making the adoration of big cock seem the easiest thing there is to do sexually.

Speelduur: 84 min.
Acteurs: Michael Brandon, Matt Sizemore, Dylan Reece, Michael Vista, Sky Donovan
Regiseur: Chris Ward, JD Slater
Studio: Raging Stallion

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