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Bear Pack DVD (17407D)
  • Bear Pack DVD (17407D)
  • Bear Pack DVD (17407D)

Bear Pack DVD


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It's that time of year again so get out your gun and make sure it's greased, loaded and ready for action as you track this Bear Pack to their lair. Not content to just have one hairy ass to feast on, this throng of cock cravers exchange blowjobs, ass eating and meat jerking as a prelude that sees supple manholes drilled, porked and spiked. There's nothing like a nice coating of fur on a puckered up hole to get your juices bubbling and it's a maelstrom here as this slew of burly guys hold nothing back as they come out of hibernation and feed deeply - as hungry bears do!

Speelduur: 94 min.
Acteurs: Bear Steven, Bearsilian, Buster Bouderaux, Guy English, Joe Hardness, Marc Angelo, Phil Mehup, Sebastian Sax, Steve Brody, Tony Tripolo
Studio: Big Rig

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