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Fucking Perfect DVD (16922D)
  • Fucking Perfect DVD (16922D)
  • Fucking Perfect DVD (16922D)

Fucking Perfect DVD


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With their handsome faces, toned bodies and a yearning for sexual pleasure, these boys are Fucking Perfect in every way! With an irresistibility about them, these gorgeous devils worship every inch of each other, starting with full-on kisses, before wandering hands trace over tensing muscles and reach for a fat cock that twitches with the anticipation of a firm touch and a warm mouth. There is nothing rushed as these teens take their time with their love-making. Slow and steady or hard and fast, it's the thrill of driving into a hot bottom that spurs them on and when they feel the juices rising, it's only a matter of time before these boys are all pleasured out!

Speelduur: 96 min.
Acteurs: Jacom Flucke, Kai Alexander, Lucas Tree, Luke Desmond, Phil Raven, Tim Law, Timmy Taylor, Will Jones, Zack Todd
Studio: Naked Beauty

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