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Lust Powder 90 g (E14015)

Lust Powder 90 g


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100 % natural, Lust Powder is the first Do-It-Yourself Splash-Love-Lubricant so natural you can lick and eat it! From forplay to climax, splash Lust Powder generously over yourself and your partner's body to massage, rub, lick, explore and make love. Ist extra glide effects delivers an amazing new sensation! Lust Powder: The ultimate and most slippery sexual experience ever, all this 100% safe. Made of Xantham Gum - 100% of natural origin.
Using cap provided, measure just 5g of Lust Powder
Poor 500ml of warm water in a container / blender, add these 5g. Shake thoroughly / blend until a smooth gel forms.
Let the mixture settle for 7-10 minutes and shake again before use.
Play with thickness or concentration by reducing or adding the amount of powder when mixing.
The gel regenerate itself by adding water.
Have fun; warm or cool down the gel before use.
If gel is kept refrigerated in a cool storage at 6°, it can be used up to 5 days after preparation.
90g = up to 9 liters or 18 X 500ml
Studio: FP Company


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