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Sweat And Muscle DVD (13756D) Visualizza ingrandito
Sweat And Muscle DVD (13756D)
  • Sweat And Muscle DVD (13756D)
  • Sweat And Muscle DVD (13756D)

Sweat And Muscle DVD


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Working up a hot sweat, join these 7 muscled men as they get down and dirty with each other, soaking their sports vests and shorts in everything from sweat to spunk! From blond hunk Neil Stevens getting handy with an axe as Dean Monroe watches, getting every hotter in the summer sunshine, ready to pounce on his beefy woodsman to tattooed hairy muscle cubs Oliver and James licking each other’s’ bodies, taking in giant dicks and exploring every bulging bicep. Voyeurs will be in pure heaven as the cameras sweep in up close, so close you can almost smell them from your screen and reach out to join in the fun! Hard Brit Lads brings you the most handsome, rugged real life men and puts them together as they fuck hard and fast for your pleasure!

Durata: 100 min.
Attori: Oliver James, James Carter, Darren Robbins, Justin Harris, Neil Stevens, Dean Munroe, Alex Graham
Regista: Simon Booth
Studio: Hard Brit Lads

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